Band’s best friend! “Should We Get A Dog?” explores the joys of commitment, to both partners and pets, and how the adventure of life and love are ultimately enhanced by our connections to those closest to us. Dedicated to longtime Tox collaborator and Alan’s girlfriend, Amanda Remy, the song is a celebration of love, partnership, and of course, dogs! Presented with an old school rock n’ roll country flair, The Toxhards serve up a new sound, both vintage and fresh, that is sure to get your toe tapping. As the first single released in what will be the biggest Tox year on record, “Should We Get A Dog?” is sure to be etched into the tomes of rock history as the true genesis of The Toxhards.

The Toxhards’ Alan Macchiarolo Shares of the New Track: “I wrote 'Should We Get A Dog?' for my partner and Toxhards’ art director Amanda Remy. It was inspired by our 2023 fall tour - we'd crash on the couches of several different friends and family all over the country, and we met many of their dogs that we just loved. The reality of not being able to have a dog ourselves while being touring circus freaks was a bit sad, and 'Should We Get A Dog?' was born out of weighing the pros and cons of dog ownership with our lifestyle (the ultimate answer being "We'll just take the dogs on the road!)”

About The Toxhards:

Known for their electric energy and bombastic stage show, Los Angeles based rising rockers The Toxhards are winning over fans one kitschy song at a time. Self-described as half psych, half prog, half rock theatre, The Toxhards are perhaps most recognizable for "Ængus, The Prize-Winning Hog" - a 4 minute rock opera that blew up online with over 10 million views across TikTok/Reels/YouTube, and their 2023 single "Doombop!" which garnered 2 million streams within a year of release. They are known in the LA rock scene for their rousing live performances - including 8 foot pig suits, t-shirt tosses, air-dropping unreleased songs, coffee chugging, and mosh pits with evil butchers. The band signed with Hopeless Records in 2023, and now with over 125k followers on TikTok and over 65k followers on Instagram, The Toxhards are proving more and more with each new track and new show that they are the future of alt rock.

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