Celebrating 50 years since The Wombles’ UK chart domination, Dramatico Entertainment announces the release of GOLDEN, on June 27th. A limited edition LP; GOLDEN contains all the Wombles’ singles, remastered and in chronological order with bonus rare tracks including ‘Wombling USA’, and limited to only 500 copies.

From the release of their very first single, ‘The Wombling Song’ written by Mike Batt as the theme tune for The Wombles TV series, the original furry eco-warriors from Wimbledon Common became a UK phenomenon, elevated to household-name status and a part of the fabric of British life.

Over their four gold-achieving albums, the pop group had eight top 40 hits in the British charts, and became the top selling singles act of 1974 beating Slade, Abba, The Bay City Rollers and many other favourites in the charts at the time. In June of that year, The Wombles had 3 songs simultaneously in the charts (‘Wombling Song’, ‘Remember You’re A Womble’, and ‘Banana Rock’), the first act to achieve that since The Beatles.

Band leader, Orinoco vocalist, songwriter and producer Mike Batt comments on the monumental anniversary and album release, stating, “The Golden anniversary certainly makes me think about the ridiculous fun we had, and that what we thought of as a temporary moment in pop has endured beyond our expectations. I'm not sure which is the bigger thrill, having the three singles in the chart simultaneously at the time, or looking back on it fifty years later!”

Immaculate pop is The Wombles’ trademark sound - an eclectic range of music including blues, country, folk, barbershop harmonies, glam rock, military brass and classical. The Wombles were originally created by Elisabeth Beresford in six novels, and adapted to be a band by Mike Batt in 1973 after he was commissioned to write the theme tune for the spin-off TV series and negotiated for the rights to record and perform music under The Wombles name.

Wearing costumes made by Batt’s mother, Elaine, the band - with musicians such as Chris Spedding and members of Steeleye Span donning the costumes alongside Mike as Orinoco - would regularly appear on Top of the Pops, Crackerjack and Blue Peter. The Wombles reunited in 2011 for a highlight performance at Glastonbury Festival.

GOLDEN Tracklisting

Side A

  • The Wombling Song
  • Remember You're A Womble
  • Banana Rock
  • Minuetto Allegretto
  • Wombling Merry Christmas
  • Wombling White Tie & Tails

Side B

  • Superwomble
  • The Womble Shuffle
  • Lets Womble To The Party Tonight
  • Wombling USA
  • Rainmaker
  • The Wombling Song (Film Version)

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