Today, Moribund Records announces August 5th as the release date for Vardan's Enjoy of Deep Sadness. Hot on the heels of the celebrated The Woods is My Coffin released by Moribund earlier this year, Vardan returns with his most soul-draining release yet, Enjoy of Deep Sadness. Chronologically the 12th album in the restless solo-visionary's ever-growing catalog, Enjoy of Deep Sadness is everything its title promises: sorrowful, time-stretched epics of hauntingly melodic melancholy. But this time, Vardan elongates his depressive suicidal black metal into three double-digit funeral dirges that total 36 minutes of cold, grim, trance-inducing majesty, perhaps delivering his crowning achievement. The DSBM scene has a new king, and his name is Vardan! Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Vardan's Enjoy of Deep Sadness

  1. A Broken Existence (11:21) 
  2. Enjoy Of Deep Sadness (11:34) 
  3. An Abstract Voice (12:23) 

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