Out on June 14th on Dim Mak - Westend and Cherry Tooth, staple acts in the House music scene, whip up a refreshing floor-dominating take on The Bloody Beetroots, classic hit tune “Warp 1.9 (feat. Steve Aoki)”. The remix pings a bone of nostalgia, while carrying a massively fresh Tech House vibe.

A track that was a catalyst for both Westend and Cherry Tooth to chase their careers in dance music, the two pay homage to their roots with their take on “Warp 1.9.”

On the remix’s inception; Westend adds; "When I started getting into electronic music in 2011, my favorite genre was blog house. Something about the heavy basslines, distorted kick drums, and raw grit drew me in. I discovered The Bloody Beetroots and instantly became a fan, even buying a replica mask on eBay.

I had long forgotten about "Warp 1.9" until Cherry Tooth approached me with an idea for an edit. It instantly took me back to my teenage years and the music that made me want to become a DJ. I told Cherry Tooth I would love to work on the remix with him, just to have a cool edit to play at our shows. When I got the call that Dim Mak, Steve, and Bob liked the remix and wanted to release it, I got emotional. It was like high-fiving my 15-year-old self and saying, "Don't stop producing; you're going to remix your heroes one day."

Cherry Tooth adds; “Warp 1.9 always stuck out as an absolute BANGER, it was just raw and so fun! I rediscovered the track recently and was itching to put a modern twist on it - something that paid homage to the original and would absolutely rip in a club or at a festival. I came up with a draft and asked Westend if he wanted to work on the track with me, and I was so stoked when he said yes. A few writing sessions later, we had a remix that we are super excited about, something that my middle school self would be showing to all of my friends. A huge shoutout to all of the DJs supporting the track and to Dim Mak for seeing the vision - here’s to warping into the future


Westend has emerged as one of house music's most promising artists. The New York native's ever-expanding sonic footprint was instrumental in drafting the blueprint for the sound of modern tech house and helped usher in an era that has seen American artists once again push to the forefront of dance music culture.

As a teenager during the blog house era, he fell in love with the sounds of artists like MSTRKRFT, The Bloody Beetroots, and Justice. Compelled to replicate those groundbreaking sounds, he dove head first into production classes at the Bronx High School of Science, the alma mater of famed synth engineer Robert Moog.

His ability to remain on the leading edge while staying true to the roots of house music has created peak dancefloor moments for ravers across the globe and led to releases on esteemed imprints like Repopulate Mars, Insomniac, Armada, and D4 D4NCE. As one of Beatport's top ten best-selling tech house producers, hit records like 2021's "Jumpin'"—with fellow New Yorker CID—have not only spent weeks dominating the top of the charts, they've landed into the crates of MK, Diplo, Lee Foss, John Summit, and Sonny Fodera.

Each passing year brings breakthrough moments. In 2022 he collaborated with Latin house kingpin, HUGEL, and Cumbiafrica on "Aguila," which sat in the top ten for a staggering 8 weeks. In 2023, he collaborated with longtime friend Noizu on the rave-tinged anthem "Push To Start," which quickly rocketed to peak positions on the tech house and overall chart. And while he continues to climb the charts, he's also been a faithful steward of the producer community leading his Kick and Bass network, where he shares his vast production knowledge with several hundred budding producers.

Beyond his production prowess, Westend crisscrosses the country, regularly performing at festivals and clubs from EDC and CRSSD to Shambhala and The Brooklyn Mirage. In 2023 he made his first forays onto the international scene with gigs in Liverpool and a coveted slot on Insomniac's kineticFIELD at EDC Mexico.

Westend's creativity is constantly expanding. His label launched late in 2023 and he embarked on his first solo headline tour. His remarkable journey from throwing micro-raves for New York high schoolers to headlining festival stages exemplifies how the DIY spirit of dance music continues to permeate the culture.

2024 continued to show the promising future of Westend with his debut performance at the esteemed Space Miami as well as his debut Coachella performance at the DoLab stage. There is no slowing down in sight.


Wherever Cherry Tooth's music plays, whether it's in the comfort of one's home, within a sweat-soaked warehouse, or amid the electrifying energy of a festival teeming with thousands, listeners are in for a blast of sonic excitement. Originating from Seattle, Cherry Tooth weaves together a tapestry of influences, from the timeless rhythms of classic house to the groove-infused melodies of disco and the high-octane energy of drum and bass. This fusion of diverse musical elements creates the vibrant mosaic that defines his signature sound. Coupled with his eye-popping visual identity, Cherry Tooth is an artistic force that demands attention and refuses to be overlooked.

At the age of twelve, Cherry Tooth embarked on his electronic music production journey, armed with his first music production software, and already a seasoned cellist since the age of six. Making drum and bass music during that time, his music resonated within venues that he was too young to enter. Now, armed with over a decade of musical prowess, Cherry Tooth is poised to unleash his latest music to global audiences, all while bringing his infectious energy along with him.

Cherry Tooth's debut single, "Way Too Good," on Sink or Swim, and his sophomore track, "Dancing At The Disco," in collaboration with J. Worra and released on Insomniac Records, are propelling him into the spotlight and thrilling audiences at an exhilarating pace. His music has garnered the support of influential figures in the house music scene, including ACRAZE, Biscits, Oliver Heldens, and Tiesto. Additionally, he has been selected to support esteemed artists such as Joshwa, J. Worra, Max Styler, Wenzday, and MISS DRE. By the end of 2023, Cherry Tooth will have left his mark on stages in Los Angeles, Seattle, Minneapolis, New York, and San Diego.

As Cherry Tooth continues his rise into the spotlight, he remains steadfast in refining his craft, pushing the boundaries of house music, and curating electrifying experiences for his audience, extending an open invitation to all listeners to immerse themselves in his vibrant world.

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