Born in Lithuania, the enigmatic WĪLMA LĀ has always felt like an outsider, and claimed her true spirit to be American. Learning from the jazz giants since an early age, classical music studies and daily grind of a resident cover band in Dubai shaped the artist’s sonic diversity. Now residing the Keppel Islands in Australia, WĪLMA has continued on her quest of healing through sounds & pushing the limits of her sonic capabilities. Teaming up with co-producer Paul Pilsneniks for the third album, State of Love, WĪLMA solidifies herself as a healing sound pioneer in the Australian music scene and continues to grow as an artist & as a producer.

State of Love was recorded across various locations including Ocean Heart Studios (WĪLMA's home studio, Great Barrier Reef), Airlock (Brisbane), Pointblank Productions (Sydney), Rockinghorse Studios (Byron Bay) & The Vibe (private studio, Byron Bay). With WĪLMA acting as the leading producer, she also had Paul Pilsneniks as co-producer, the main engineer and also mixing engineer. Emily Hopley helped as the second engineer and assistant engineering was provided by Dominic Owens & Loki Clark (who is WĪLMA'as son!). Mastering for the album was provided by Paul Blakey.When reflecting on what drove the creative inspiration for her third full-length project, WĪLMA explains, "I wanted to gift this world a breakup album that isn’t driven by hatred, belittling the other person, or storytelling from a perspective of a victim. This enlightened Rock’n’Roll time capsule is my expression of a breakup album that challenges the stereotypical themes. celebrating the relationship that was, exploring love languages as frequencies, and transcending fear so we can love again are just a few highlights."

She adds, "Out of many paths I could’ve chosen, I chose recreating my musical identity and peaceful resolution vs. typical divorce battles. I opened my home recording studio for other artists, organised a music festival, and looked for ways to uplift myself and all of those around me. As time went by, my “positive breakup album” idea started falling through the cracks of a single mother’s reality, and a destructive ways of my ex-partner started to surface. So it eventually became a “conscious breakup album”, and a couple of poisonous and cynical songs made it into the final cut. "

"Love is a rainbow, and the loss of love is a whole rainbow spectrum of feelings and emotions too. We write our own story. Our words become our self-fulfilling prophecies, and with sound we manifest. Music is the strongest power in the universe. Music amplifies the inherent energy of the intention in each song, whether it’s a ceremony of rage or a ritual of quiet introspection.

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