Youth Fountain, the emo/pop-punk project from guitarist/vocalist Tyler Zanon, is thrilled to share its new single “Roses In My Backpack”, out now via Pure Noise Records. A vulnerable new track that was written during a particularly difficult time in Zanon’s life, “Roses In My Backpack” is a song about feeling like there’s no way out. Stream the single now, here: and check out the lyric video here: Youth Fountain will release its highly anticipated 3rd studio album, "Together In Lonesome", on November 3rd. Pre-save / pre-order the album now at

’Roses In My Backpack’ is a personal favorite of mine,” shares Zanon. “This track is all about the feeling of losing everything that ever mattered to me in life - being at a major breaking point and wanting to give up.”

He continues: “I originally wrote this song in 2010 and it went through many different versions. I had it on the back burner for years, once as an old demo I tracked with a friend of mine that never really saw the light of day. I managed to upload an acoustic version of it to Youtube around 2014, and some very die hard super fans really loved this track. I brought the song idea to Anton and he really made the whole thing come to be what you hear now. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. It’s a very sentimental and special song to me.”

About Youth Fountain: When Tyler Zanon began the songwriting process for the third Youth Fountain LP, "Together In Lonesome", he approached the blank page in front of him not with a fear of an unknown future, but an invitation to explore an unfinished past. Since forming Youth Fountain in 2017, the Vancouver BC-based Zanon has been a prolific writer, ascending on the shoulders of a cutting, introspective sound Kerrang hailed as “so raw and young that one can't help but wonder if [Youth Fountain] were peers of Taking Back Sunday and Saves The Day back in the early 2000s.”

As he revisited lyric notebooks and hard drives from Youth Fountain early days and previous bands, Zanon amassed a collection of demos he brought to producer Anton DeLost (State Champs, Mayday Parade). Together, the pair worked to transform them into "Together In Lonesome" standouts – like the skate-punk pit-starting “Clarity”, angular “A Few Notes For Orpheus” and skyscraping “Twin Flame” – while crafting songs like “Identical Days” and first single “Fallen Short”, the anthemic encapsulation of Youth Fountain’s unbridled, nostalgic blend of emo, pop-punk, and alternative rock, from the ground up.

“‘Fallen Short’ is about self-doubt,” Zanon explains. “In terms of a relationship, it’s me wondering if I’m ever going to find someone who can be there for me through thick and thin, no matter what. But even when you think you’ve found that person, there can be an emptiness, like you’re together but still feel alone. That’s where the title Together In Lonesome comes from: wondering why you’re able to physically be with someone but still feel so alone.”

It’s this instinctual ability to verbalize life’s hard truths that’s endeared Youth Fountain to fans around the world on albums like 2019’s "Letters to Our Former Selves" and 2021’s "Keepsakes & Reminders", tours with Four Year Strong and Knuckle Puck and slots on festivals like Slam Dunk and forthcoming tour with Story Of The Year. But it’s never been as visceral as on "Together In Lonesome", with Zanon himself admitting the process of making the album forced him to confront his past in considerable ways, closing old wounds while reopening others in the process.

Writing songs takes a lot out of me because of how much of myself I put into them,” he explains. “Even though it was hard revisiting some of this stuff, it goes to show you that a good song is a good song no matter when it was written. Even if it was on the backburner, it can still shine when the time is right.

Ultimately, "Together In Lonesome" stands as a tremendous personal feat for Zanon, the hard-charged sound of the songwriter fully embracing the totality of the creative process as he gathered the fearlessness to confront the past while embracing the future head-on – along the way, putting some ghosts to rest.

Making this album has felt like closure in a really cool way,” he says emphatically. “Whenever an album comes out, they’re not my songs anymore; they’re for other people to enjoy. It’s going to feel good once they’re out.

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