Belgian music pride Hooverphonic is back, and how. The legendary power trio has been asked to represent Belgium during the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, and all band members have graciously decided to not decline the awesome opportunity. Enter the songwriting skills par excellence of maestro Alex Callier, who has subsequently created the powerful 'Release Me'. A universal song about saying goodbye, elegiac acceptance, and coming to terms with finality. The result is a sweeping, epic, majestic ballad that only Hooverphonic seems to be able to craft time and time again.

'Release Me' will be accompanied by a poetic, hyper stylized video by Matthias Lebeer that will visually encapsulate the world of Hooverphonic. Lebeer previously directed the band's video for 'Looking for Stars', and both parties are extremely proud of their new collaboration. 'Release Me' is set to take Eurovision fans by storm, and will undoubtedly become a classic in the long string of award-winning Hooverphonic songs. An instant classic that only Hooverphonic can deliver.

Ready. Set. Release Me. Hooverphonic will represent Belgium at the 65th edition of Eurovision Song Contest 2020, which will take place in Rotterdam. First action will be on 12 May, when they will be playing in the second half of the first semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest.


  • 19.02 Cultuurcentrum Het Bolwerk – Vilvoorde, BE
  • 21.02 Concertgebouw Brugge – Brugge, BE
  • 23.02 Cultuurcentrum Zwaneberg – Heist-Op-Den-Berg, BE
  • 07.03 De Roma - Borgerhout, BE
  • 18.03 Cultuurcentrum Hasselt, Hasselt BE
  • 19.03 Maison de la Culture d’Arlon – Aarlen, BE
  • 22.03 CC De Werf - Aalst, BE
  • 25.03 Kubox – Kuurne, BE
  • 28.03 Ancienne Belgique – Brussel, BE

Watch the official video here

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