Known for their distinctive blend of garage rock, alternative, psychedelic, and punk influences, Vasoline Tuner continues to push the boundaries of musical creativity. Their latest album, "Cancelled Crystal Balls," is a testament to their dynamic and unpredictable style, featuring nine original tracks that offer a rollercoaster ride of edgy vocals, fuzzy guitars, and lo-fi production aesthetics. In this interview, we delve into the making of this kaleidoscopic masterpiece, exploring the band's inspirations, recording process, and the intriguing themes behind their music.

Vasoline Tuner is a psychedelic punk/ experimental rock/ freak pop type band from Southern California/ USA , it is the highly imaginative work of guitarist/vocalist/ songwriter BillyTsounis and has been described as “ the sonic equivalent to Salvador Dali’s paintings and as weird and wonderful. Join us as we uncover the cosmic irreverence and caustic surrealism that define Vasoline Tuner's unique sound.

1. What can you say about this new ALBUM? It’s a collection of songs with an underlying theme of cosmic irreverence, lo- fi campiness and caustic surrealism all covered in a fat and trippy rock attitude.

2. What is the meaning of the ALBUM name? The title of the album – ‘Cancelled Crystal balls’ – it’s something that I metaphorically used in the sense of the cancel culture situation/ experience and crystal balls being used to supposedly look into the future so I was getting at the future through someone else’s eyes and superstitions and thus all that is cancelled . It can also be someone’s balls all crystal and non hairy and easily breakable or getting psychic readings from a crystal scrotum. Could be a new trend you never know.

3. How was the recording process? The album was recorded here in the city of Hemet , CA by this young and super talented guy , Josiah Garcia at his home studio . We the band, Julio Guez and Austin Malik tracked live and then I did a few overdubs and the vocals . The songs ‘clouds are sexy’ and ‘Rich ladies purse’ has the drums being recorded in Nashville by my good friend Kevin Rapillo . I sent the riffs/ song to a click and he played all perfectly as he always does and I did the guitars here in town . The album was actually recorded during the Plandemic period, and it was great to go out and about driving with hardly anyone on the freeways.

4 . If you had to pick one song, which one would you pick? I like all of them on the album but I really like ‘Bake Baby Bake’ , the latest video . It’s chaotic and spiral and the story is of a man breaking into clothing stores to get stoned with the mannequins.

5. Is there a special message in this album?If there is what it is? No particular message but more of a kaleidoscopic interpretation

6. Are there some lyrics that you'd love to share? Some lyrics from the song in my past life : in my past life I rode aboard a UFO and planted humans everywhere I got stoned / I did double Hollywood duty rolling boogers on the velvet ropes and golden showering the cream of the crop . there’s all fun lyrics so take a listen and all the lyrics are on the bandcamp page .

7. Which inspirations have been important for this album ? Like musically or friends, family, someone you'd love to thank specially? Mostly inspired by the subconscious i would say , just react on moments and I like to pick apart supposed taboos or social/ culture behavior, fear , delusions. Anything, really but at some point I look for the dark or sarcastic side of things that normally don’t want to be looked at. Ugly makes it beautiful. As far as people, friends go I would like to always thank Julio and Austin that played on the album , made time and space to learn and interpret the songs , my friend Kevin who also played on it .

8. Something to add? I’m still enjoying the tracks on the album and soon we will record another video for a song on there called “ Chillin with my Zombie “ I think somewhere we all have a zombie that we can relax with or be someone’s zombie but the main thing is the chill , we need the chill now more than ever on the planet.

Watch the music video of "Bake Baby Bake":

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