“Modern Nostalgia” is het vijfde album van The Last Hurrah (!!). Brein achter deze Noorse formatie is muziek connoisseur Hans Petter Gundersen. Zijn vorige twee albums waren meer ‘into cosmic and harmonic Laurel Canyon Americana’, terwijl de nummers op dit nieuwe album ‘move in the direction of European compositional traditions, towards 70’s English psychedelic folk and 60’s poppy French chansons’. Gundersen verzamelde voor de produktie een mooie bonte verzameling muzikanten om zich heen, met o.a. de zangeres Maria Due, guzheng bespeelster Nora Yuyue Zheng, drie Amerikaanse gast-vocalisten: Tim Scott McConnell, Foster Timms en Shane Alexander, en pedal steel gitarist Marty Rifkin (o.a. bekend van Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty en Glen Campbell).

The Last Hurrah (!!) is the brainchild of Norwegian music connoisseur, producer and musician Hans Petter Gundersen. “Modern Nostalgia” will be its fifth album. Where the last two albums were more into ‘cosmic and harmonic Laurel Canyon Americana’, the new album moves in the direction of European compositional traditions, towards 70’s English psychedelic folk and 60’s poppy French chansons.

Early 2020 Gundersen moved to the Norwegian countryside (Bovagen) with his wife/partner and pianist Cecilie Leganger, and set up a studio in the basement of the new house. All normal musical live activity stopped due Covid, but he had a close circle of friends of wonderful musicians, who suddenly had a lot of time too, and were on frequent visits, to jam, record and socialize, and create a musical expression together; “Modern Nostalgia”.

The essence of today’s The Last Hurrah (!!) is drummer Stein Inge Braekhus, guzheng player Nora Yuyue Zheng, bassist Andreas Nausdal, pedal steel player Marty Rifkin, violinist Mari Persen, vocalist Maria Due, pianist Cecilie Leganger and guitarist Hans Petter Gundersen. Gundersen also invited three of his own favourite songwriters (all born in the USA) as guest singers on 4 of the tracks: Tim Scott McConnell (Ledfoot), Foster Timms and Shane Alexander.

Their new album takes the listener on a loving yet original journey. Along the way you’ll find echoes of Serge Gainsbourg, Bert Jansch, Joni Mitchell, Gram Parsons, Donovan, Belle & Sebastian, Marianne Faithful, Nick Drake, John Barry, Robert Wyatt, First Aid Kit, Ian Matthews, France Gall, Stephen Stills, Fleetwood Mac, Erik Satie, Van Morrison, Fleet Foxes, Sandy Denny, Gene Clark, Al Stewart, Francoise Hardy and John Martyn.

“I Do Believe” is de tweede single en de link onderaan van de video

I Do Believe - YouTube

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