Canada’s All Else Fails is releasing its tenth studio recording, “The Incident at Black Lake” and it promises to be a deep dive into emotional turmoil, violent riffs, and technical mastery. This EP is an evolution of the band in every aspect of their musicality, its songs are heavier, more complex, and deeper than ever. Employing elements of other genres like industrial, noise, moody electronics, or ambient sampling has always been a hallmark of the band, but take a new approach on this album.

The three original songs and one cover explore themes of devastating mental illness, dystopian mass existential nihilism, and ideological fascism. According to the band, It took over 2 full years to write and produce this EP, they took their time with every part, every note, and every modulated warble. Every musical element has a place and purpose. They are telling a horrifically personal, furiously aggressive, and unnervingly beautiful musical story of mental terror and surviving despair. They continue to explain:

“It’s been really interesting this time around. We started writing this in the early days of the pandemic, so we didn’t really know if or when we would get to play live again. That led to us really taking our time to write each part exactly how we wanted. After we had finished writing and tracking the main instruments (drums, guitars, bass, vocals), then we spent over a year working on the programming, samples, keyboards, and production elements. We basically wrote a second album over top of the first one, it was kind of like writing a score to our own album. In two years, we are happy to say that we made no sacrifices anywhere on this release.”

Guitarist/vocalist Barrett Klesko shares that this EP is specifically about his spiral into mental illness. Falling into a pit of addiction and depression he was abusing my mind and my body, and allowing others to do the same. Struggling with derealization and dissociation, he became almost totally withdrawn into his mind. The day we finished our last track on the album, I checked myself into a recovery center. This EP offers an honest glimpse into that dark, internal turmoil.

Reaching a new level of technical metal prowess and adding a dramatically more dynamic vocal style it is with a dark heart, that All Else Fails presents “The Incident at Black Lake”.

Recommended for fans of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Chimaira, and Killswitch Engage, “The Incident at Black Lake” can be heard in full before it officially releases on September 30th via its stream premiere on IDIOTEQ HERE.

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