UK 70s infused melodic rock outfit, FERAL GHOST, have released a music video for their brand new studio single ‘Chase The Sun‘, which is out now. The YouTube video can be viewed here:

The song is representative of the band’s distinctive blend of rock music. On the one hand, “Chase The Sun” has a throwback sound, which might remind the audience of yesteryear’s rock icons such as Bryan Adams, The Who, Def Leppard, Cheap Trick and Bon Jovi.

On the other, the production is crisp, and the band’s fresh energy endow the music with a modern vibe. The open guitar chords that kick off the arrangement are big, ambitious, the size of a massive arena. The clean, chorus-laden arpeggios are blissfully melodic, providing ambiance and texture for the vocals to unfold.

The rhythm section is just as powerful, and the vocals are uplifting, with layered harmonies in the hooks. “Chase The Sun” is energetic and vibrant, bringing a positive message to the audience. The dynamics of the song are astonishing, and there is even room for a melodic, mellow outro that will take the audience someplace else!

Feral Ghost is a band with a focus on setting the bar higher with music that feels incredibly catchy and dynamic. On one hand, their sound is so immediate and forward-thinking. On the other, there is so much “ear candy” going on, especially in the way of lush background textures and atmospheric sounds rounding up the band’s mix.

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