Koldvoid is a ghost ambient/dark ambient project from Transylvania, Romania that has been active since 2008. Their music is a dark, dramatic and twisted sound collage, influenced by films such as those of Angelo Badalamenti, as well as classic dark ambient artists from Cold Meat Industry. Other influences include Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, John Carpenter, Zombi, Boards of Canada, and Ulver.

Their music is perfect for late, lonely nights - dark ambient, experimental, electronic, and downtempo. It offers an escape to the wilderness with the help of modern technical devices and opens a door to the unknown, which is much more beautiful than the one you are in now.

After releasing several singles and split records, they released their first and only full-length album, "Roadside Ghosts", in 2012 under Valse Sinistre Productions.

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