Find joy in the present moment and let Rithiya Khiev's latest single take you on a journey.

Rithiya Khiev, a musician from an eclectic cultural background, has released his latest single, "Riding Along The Wastelands". Rithiya Khiev shared his inspiration behind the song and how his personal experiences influenced the creation of this track.

Khiev explains that the pandemic heavily inspired "Riding Along The Wastelands", having found calmness and acceptance in the silence and focusing on something that brought him happiness after months of self-torture.

«This song was inspired by the pandemic, really», he starts. «It felt quite surreal with everything closed, and everyone essentially became a germaphobe overnight. The feeling of not being able to attend social events and having to keep six feet apart from one another due to a social distancing enactment from the powers that be takes a toll on humanity on a psychological level. The feeling of being isolated without having much to do while human intelligence overthinks and overanalyzes, driving our spirit towards a dark and restless place of chaotic thought patterns. After many months of self-torture, there’s this calmness that envelops us to accept the silence and focus on something that brings us happiness. This is the era in time where the individual truly finds themselves. This is where the journey through psychological wastelands begins towards the better self.»

As a motorcycling enthusiast, Khiev discusses how motorcycles have helped him through difficult times in his life, including the passing of his father:

«These past couple of years have been extremely hard on me. My father passed away early in 2021, followed by "Misha," the family dog, while dealing with the pandemic and work on top of that. It was a real numbing sensation for the soul. Mentally, I wasn't all there and just worked on motorcycles. I didn't say a word to anyone at home, just wrenched away my sorrows for a year straight. I stopped playing guitar, dropped all of my projects, and just didn't care about anything except getting this bloody motorcycle completed. So, I just accepted this feeling and bought two more bikes to drown my sorrows with and wrench away on. It was as if my brain was in a trauma loop. I couldn't break away from this feeling at all and just became zombie-like. I guess you could say it was a coping mechanism.»

Khiev hopes to convey to listeners through "Riding Along The Wastelands," emphasizing the importance of living in the moment and prioritizing joy. «Life is a journey», he says. «Accept situations outside of your control and try to live in the moment often. Priorities come first, but your joy should also be a part of that priority.»

The current world situation has greatly influenced Khiev's music and creative process, as he finds inspiration in the dynamic canvas of the world and its evolutions towards enlightenment. His cultural background also plays a significant role in his music, which is a blend of genres he was exposed to growing up, including 70's psychedelic rock, punk, alternative, and Cambodian temple music. «It’s a recipe for an eclectic musically driven child».

Khiev's future projects will include more single releases and he hopes to influence more individuals with an infinite mindset. The artist believes that music is one of the many catalysts in shaping this mindset and encourages listeners to approach his work with an open mind.

"Riding Along The Wastelands" is now available for streaming on all major platforms.

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