NEPTHISIS's compelling new single "Take My Reign" delves into the dark and mysterious while delivering a message of personal change. Following the singles "Incarcerated Heart" and "In The Shadows", which was used for promoting the film Bones and All, "Take My Reign" brings an intriguing edge to NEPTHISIS's sound.

"'Take My Reign' is a powerful song about reclaiming personal power, and moving past constricted freedom. It's about rising to be the highest version of ourselves as 'queen', and killing the old burdened version. This song is a combo of metal, grunge vibes, dark industrial, electro-rock and female-empowered Screamo."


Nepthisis is Lady of Veils and Goddess of Mourning. This new artist release is heavily inspired by the darkest of dreams and the most primal desires. Musically, this exploration takes on gothic nuances in exchange for a more aggressive spirit unbound by genres. NEPTHISIS has aspects of dark cinematic rock, goth, industrial, and experimental darkwave influences - reminiscent of certain aspects of PORTISHEAD, PJ HARVEY, ZOLA JESUS, CHELSEA WOLFE, GAZELLE TWIN, and even EVANESCENCE. NEPTHISIS is spotlighted in the prestigious magazine Distorted Sound in addition to Metal Temple, Ghost Cult Magazine, Ripple Music, Terra Relicta, and more. NEPTHISIS is spearheaded by multi-disciplined artist Sheila Eden.

Watch "Take My Reign" Here

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