Ereley's journey through the music scene reads like an epic saga, marked by perseverance, creativity, and a steadfast commitment to their craft. From their humble beginnings in Cheb's underground to commanding stages worldwide, Ereley has etched their mark on the metal scene with a blend of raw talent and sheer determination.

Their debut LP, "Katharsis," served as a launching pad, showcasing their musical prowess and setting the stage for a series of triumphs on both local and international platforms. The formation of Ereley's core lineup, supplemented by the addition of new members, Tomáš "Birkoff" Vodrážka on bass and Marie Peterová on keyboards, only fueled their creative fire, resulting in a diverse range of sounds and experiences.

Despite facing the inevitable hurdles of lineup changes and unforeseen setbacks, Ereley's resolve remained unyielding. Their sophomore effort, "Diablerie," exemplified their evolution as artists, pushing boundaries and experimenting with new sonic landscapes.

The road to success was fraught with challenges, but Ereley's resilience never faltered. Securing a contract with MASSACRE Records was a testament to their talent and dedication, propelling them onto a global stage where they continue to captivate audiences with their electrifying performances.

Even amidst the chaos of a global pandemic, Ereley persevered, releasing "DIABLERIE" to widespread acclaim and further solidifying their place in the metal pantheon. Their commitment to their fans remained unwavering, evident in their relentless pursuit of excellence both in the studio and on stage.

As they venture into the future with their latest album "GARDEN," Ereley stands poised to conquer new heights, armed with a rich legacy of resilience, passion, and unbridled creativity. With each note they play and every stage they grace, Ereley reaffirms their status as torchbearers of the metal genre, inspiring legions of fans to join them on their musical odyssey.

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