Norwegian metalcore pioneers ATENA drop explosive track "Hard Day" from upcoming album!

ATENA, the groundbreaking metalcore fourpiece from Norway, is set to unleash their last single, "Hard Day," before their upcoming album, "Subway Anthem" drops in September. Known for their experimental approach and fusion of classic metalcore with urban elements, ATENA has established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

Listen to the single here:

ATENA is known for exploring dark and emotional themes in their music, typically accompanied by intense riffs, screaming vocals, and heavy breakdowns. However, their brand new track takes a departure from their usual style, and ATENA slows things down and delivers a stunningly emotive ballad titled 'Oh My'."

Listen to the single here:

The band states:
"The intention behind the song was to create an...

Photo: Eddie Berg

Norwegian metalcore act ATENA are finally back with their first new single and music video “Slip Away”! Either you like the fast-paced verses, immensely catchy choruses, beautiful build-ups or slamming breakdowns, “Slip Away” has it all.

Listen to the singe here:

Over the last years and with 4 albums under their belt, ATENA have proven to be the fore fronters of Norwegian metalcore with their...

Experimental metalcore act ATENA drop a new single & music video titled “Flash! – THUNDER today, April 23! Once again, ATENA deliver an incredible genre-mix, this time, introducing elements of electronic music to their sound! If you need a workout track, “Flash! – THUNDER" will be your new HIIT fave! Drop into that high-octane energy, click on the link & listen to “Flash! – THUNDER”: ...